5 secrets for flawless skin: Unraveled 

Your essentials to flawless and radiant skin is here!! Try this out and you will thank me for the rest of your life..

There was a time where I was so complexed of my acne breakouts that I would refuse to get out of my house.. I’d sit home and sulk while others were out..

My skin was so messed up that even layers and layers of make up wouldn’t cover them up..
Want to get rid of that stubborn acne? Here you go! 

Secret #1

Daily dose of Vitamin C..! This basically helps in evening out your skin tone, protects your skin from ageing quickly and hydrates your skin, too.. 

I usually take the Celin chewy tablets daily. Another deficiency is D3. So get yourself checked.

Secret #2

2 spoons of hydrated basil seeds before you leave your house in the morning.. 

More often than not, acne is caused due to a lot of heat in the body.. For our lifestyle, it’s mostly alcohol and traveling in the heat.. For me, it was also over intake of red meat.. I started drinking half a glass of cold water with 2 spoons of basil seeds every morning and within a week, my skin cleared out!! 

Secret #3 

Digest away!

Irregular bowel movement causes major acne breakouts and blisters. 

Remedy this by eating a lot of fibres and green veggies during the day, and make sure to start a laxative before you go to sleep. This fills you up at night helping you overcome late night hunger pangs and helps digest food super quick (also helps in weight loss 😉)

Secret #4 

This is a no brainer: HYDRATE!

Drink plenty of water. You’ll be surprised how much difference water would make to your body and your acne problems! 3 litres minimum.. 


Secret #5

Happy you = Happy skin

Stress causes acne more effectively than you think. If you’re stressed, you could easily attract acne break outs. Make sure to tune out all the stress, stay positive and keep smiling to avoid acne!! 

Hope this helps you. If you have any specific questions, give me a shoutout on soulkariblog@gmail.com

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Self taught dessert chef thanks to SPRIG Gourmet !!

So recently came across SPRIG. I was quite excited browsing through their website.. 

They have all sorts of food ingredients and also help you out with recipes! 

I tried my luck with Banoffee Trifle! In just 6 simple steps!! 
Are you curious to see what it looks like?


This is MAMMOTH!! 

So, here’s how you create this insanely delicious banoffee trifle with the help of SPRIG!
Step #1: Gather all the ingredients

All you need is:

SPRIG Banoffee (Banana and caramel) topping
– 2 riped bananas

– A bowl of whipped cream

– Custard sauce

– Butter, powdered digestive biscuits, and caster sugar mixed together to create a crunch base

– Ready-made Vanilla sponge cake cut in cubes

– Chocolate for garnishing 

– Minions for support 😉

Now let’s do this layer by layer.. 

Step # 2

Take a fancy glass and add the biscuit crumble as a base, pack it tight
Step #3 

Top up the glass with sponge cubes
Step # 3

Arrange bananas on the sides of the glass
Step # 4

Pour the custard on top of the cubes

Step # 5 

Apply a layer of the SPRIG Banoffee topping on top of the custard
Step # 6

Add whipped cream on top and garnish with chocolate shavings!

This trifle made me a happy minion!!


Go try this now!! You won’t regret it, I promise !! 
Buy the Banoffee topping here!

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Happy skin, happy you!

I have been dealing with adult acne and oily skin for a while now.. Also, being a blogger, I constantly travel and apply make up.. I needed a permanent fix to my skin related problems.. Enter Richfeel!

Let me tell you a little bit about their products that I tried personally.. 

Let’s start with the skin whitening facial kit.. 

It consists of 5 different bottles, each specialising in different kinds of skin issues.. 

This has to be used in 5 simple steps.. 

Step #1: skin cleanser

This needs to be applied on clean skin and massaged on your face. It internally removes stale make up and other dirt/pollution

Step #2 : whitening scrub

This removes all the stubborn dirt, and gently exfoliates the skin leaving it silky smooth

Step #3 : take a facial steam and then apply Whitening gel

This immediately hydrates the skin after the steam

Step# 4 : whitening massage cream

This adds nourishment to the skin

Step # 5 : whitening pack

This is the final touch.. It cleanses the skin with an amazing glow! 

My skin has never felt so cleansed and fresh before! This is skin detox if you ask me..

I’d recommend this at least once! 

MRP: Rs. 1400/- 
Next, let’s talk about the Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack

I tried this after an extremely hectic day post shoot.

This is specially formulated for dry brittle and damaged hair.. As we all know Brahmi is an excellent substance for hair nourishment! 

My hair got super silky after this and I can’t stop touching my hair ever since I’ve applied this!! 

MRP: Rs. 600/-
Lastly, for my Acne problems: Calendula Soap
This dries up the pimples and doesn’t let them return! 

MRP: Rs. 80/-

Thanks to Richfeel, I can now safely say that my skin has never felt better! It feels nourished, fresh and leaves me with an amazing glow!! 
Buy these products by clicking here!

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When your supporting piece becomes a statement..

Jackets have always been a great balance to all kinds of outfits.. As we all know, layering up is key in fashion.. 

It tends to give your outfit volume and structure.. 

But when your layer becomes your statement, there’s nothing else to do but SLAY!

Silly People Co have mastered the shirt hoodies to perfection.. With every striking detail.. 

I’m in love with this hoodie because it can be worn in so many different ways.. 

From dresses, to denims, to skirts! There is no limit to its versatility.. 

Buy the shirt here!

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Plaid shirts are ones to watch out for this season!

It’s always been a classic.. But Silly People Co have given it an interesting spin.. The shirt that I’m sporting here, comes with a fun hoodie!! 

I’m a fan of the classic hoodie.. But hoodie+plaid shirt = fashion statement

You could team this up with so many different options to create different looks!

Team it up with a complete white supporting base to make it stand out like I have.

You could also go in for a complete black base like my sister, Khushi has..

It will also look super cool with jogger denims..
And if you’re in the mood to experiment, you could also try it with a shirt dress, or any solid colour dress of your choice.. 

This shirt is so versatile !

Kari Craves: I suggest you to team it up with jogger denims and tan brogues for a fun mix of looks..

Buy this shirt by clicking here!

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Step aside, sweet butter chicken.. I’ve discovered the real deal..

I was craving Indian food but I’m so sick of the standard sweet butter chicken and black dal.. 

I then discovered a place called Indie Villa in Andheri West.

This place is a modest one.. With a typical Delhi vibe.. Quite a paradox, yes ?

Well that’s what we loved about it.. 

There are 3 partners (Siddhant, Shivam and Majid). Two from Delhi and another from Mumbai.. 

I have been told that the chefs have been scouted from the famous lanes of Delhi to give Mumbaikars a taste of authentic Delhi Punjabi food. A few dishes too have been inspired and brought from the very famous chandni chowk and a few known dhabas there. For example their Tawa Chicken is made out of the spices bought from Delhi. 

I love when restaurants understand the power of details.. 
Their signatures include famous Naan Turnovers, authentic Butter Chicken(not sweet like how we get it here) Tawa Chicken made from masalas called and sourced from Delhi. 

I tried a number of dishes.. Let’s start with the first one.. 

1) The Rosali Kebab

These tikkas were stuffed with cheese 😱! Need I say more?!

I could taste Delhi in every bite!! 
2) The Veg Platter

This platter consisted of Paneer Kurkure (my recommendation for sure!!) , mushroom tikka and Hara Bhara Kebab.. 
3) The mutton bhuna turnover ❤️

I’m in love with this.. I could walk back to Andheri for one of these .. It is a must try..
4) The Beetroot Halwa

This was nothing like what I expected.. I generally hate beetroot.. But if you’re at Indie Villa, do try this beauty.. The taste of asli ghee will make you drown into it..
Kari Craves: The mutton bhuna turnover | The beetroot halwa
Get in touch:

Click to know more about Indie Villa

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Tropical monsoons with silly people.. 

Monsoons always remind me of tropical colours and prints! 

Silly People Co. have nailed it with this cute tropic printed dress. It’s got a cute detailing of the shoulders that make this dress look simple, yet dainty.. 

This print is so refreshing to wear and goes perfectly with my nude wedges..

It could also be worn with white sneakers to give it a sporty look.. 

Kari Craves: make sure to neutralise your accessories and let the dress be the hero in your #ootd !

📸: Mayur Shedge 

Location: Out Of The Blue, Bandra

Want to win this dress???

Follow these easy steps, it’s almost too simple:

Log onto Instagram:

1) Like my post with this dress and tag 3 friends

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4) use hashtag #sillykari 

5) tag me, and @sillypeopleco

The post with maximum likes and engagement stands a chance to win this dress and also a silly surprise from us !!

Good luck, lovers!! 😘❤️

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Mister Shake, my new favourite!

I recently came across this modest little place in juhu.. It was a really hot day, and I could use some comfort food! 

I couldn’t thank Mister Shake more, for introducing me to their mighty ‘Mango Cheese Milkshake’. 

It was wholesome, pulpy and came in such a cute little glass bottle! 

As soon as you open the bottle, the cheese and mango pieces would stare right at you. 

It was super chilled, perfect to beat the heat. 

They also have tons of other options.

Smoothies, premium milkshakes and they even customise it according to your health preference (sugar intake) .
Must visit: 

Mister Shake

H.KWX, 9/3, Juhu Scheme, Gautan 2, N.S. Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

Landmark : ahead of facing east

Call: +919967930303


My first post here :)

This is not my first review.. But my first post on WordPress.. I’m actually excited and hope for a good response.. 

Food has always been my passion and that has finally lead me to share it.. 

I have partnered with a food blogger friend to start a YouTube channel of food reviews.. Do check it out! 

It’s called Mumbai Food Lovers on YouTube.. 

I’d love a feedback.. 

Also I’m seriously new to this space so please do let me know if you have any opinions or suggestions to improve this blog.. I’d really appreciate it 🙂
Keeping this post short and sweet ! 

See you soon… 

Soul Kari